Chalkidiki Peninsula

Wild life of Aegan-sea

 Bottlenose Dolphin
Those dolphins are friendly and like to play with the swimming people. Like other dolphins prey on reflected sound waves to find it, but the other sounds are used to communicate a complex whistling, a ratchet and a repertoire of squeaking. They often rides waves generated by ships. Females give birth to two offspring a year.
The real tissues to form constituent cells.They have 2 cell layers (ecto-and endoderm), more than 97% of water. The Aegean Sea ecosystem of the typical red and white jellyfish represented. The red jellyfish sting is unpleasant and sometimes allergic symptoms may occur.
In the old Greek myth tells that Medusa is a winged virgin, who scares everyone. At the end of the world dwells. Snakes instead of hair writhe on it. Huge tusks sticking out of her mouth. Her hands iron wings are made ​​of gold. Medusa's chariot according to some, winged dragons towed. It is believed that anyone who looks into the face of Medusa, to turn to stone. Despite her appearance deterrent but it was able to convince Perseus, who got in touch to pick up Medusa's head Polüdektes. Perseus winged shoes of his feet up high and cut off Medusa's head.
Most five-armed species, but species are up to fifty lever.
Exceptionally high regeneration ability, from only broken arm can regenerate new individuals,
if the central disc is fixed to at least one chunk. Some species of starfish can fill the role of a keystone in the intertidal zone
Sea urchins
Sea urchins class of echinoderms a group of young. species are now living in a sea of ​​all the world. Their bodies are round, the coat is usually covered with spines. Some of them crawling on the substrate, some sand, stone pierced themselves. Down orifice, anus upward directed, algae, organic debris and animals are consumed. Mouth organ used in naming the "Aristotle's lantern" name. About 1000 species are known. Who's afraid of an unpleasant encounter any allowance, be sure to use sea shoes when you go into the water.
The squid is often known as the chameleon of the sea because it can rapidly change their skin color at will. The color change is much more complex and diverse the chameleon. Their skin is often almost flashes a fast-changing pattern of communication methods may be possible, but also serves to camouflage other predators. This color-changing function consists of red, yellow, brown, black pigmented colors. The squid is one of the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom. The cephalopod eyes differs fundamentally from vertebrates, including people from as well.